Devin Raposo's Portfolio

Video game projects:

A remake of Tetris in Unity (Playable in a web browser/Windows/Mac/Linux): Link

A puzzle game made in C++/SDL (Windows only): Link

A small narrative game made in Bitsy (Playable in a web browser): Link

Games writing examples:

An interactive novella-length narrative game fully scored and sound designed in Twine (Playable in a web browser): Link

Screenplay-style three scene sample here: Link

Excerpt from an interactive narrative experience in Twine (Playable in a web browser): Link

Other software projects:

A simulation of a catapult which simulates a projectile in motion undergoing a constant velocity in two dimensions as well as the Runge-Katta differential equation method of simulating the angular acceleration of a catapult’s arm, made in C#/Unity: Link

A set of three programs which record user’s movements using the Microsoft Kinect (module #1, written in C# with Unity), store that data using a proprietary user interface into a MySQL database of their choice (module #2, written in C# with Windows Form), and then perform those movements on a physical NAO robot over an internet connection (written in Python), respectively: Link

An Android application which connects to a WeMos WiFi-enabled microcontroller connected to the internet and allows the user to access a webpage which interfaces with the WeMos microcontroller in two ways: it reports the temperature, pressure, sea level, and above-ground altitude of the microcontroller’s surroundings, and also allows movement of Servo motors affixed to a 3D-printed robot as ligaments (written in Java and C): Link

An event logging software which is used by students who are part of the Adaptive Services department at Florida Gulf Coast University for logging participation in events which uses SQL for all database management (written in Java): Link

A FileMaker Pro 16 project used as an iOS-based check-in software for Hertz franchise managers performing audits of their employees (private, Hertz Corporate proprietary productivity software)

An automation tool for automatically generating an HTML page for Hertz’s customer-facing yearly blackout calendar based on an Excel spreadsheet containing Hertz establishment locations and another containing blackout date information. (private, Hertz Corporate proprietary productivity software) (written in Java); result: Link

Freelance writing samples (game design/development-focused):

An interview with the composer of Tetris Effect and reflection upon their music’s contribution to my emotional experience with the game: Link

An overview on the history of sound design (both technically and compositionally) in video games: Link

An overview and analysis on the history of the Fez community’s response to the game’s black monolith puzzle mystery: Link

An in-depth analysis on the world design and historical/cultural inspirations of Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2: Link

An in-depth review of the shoot-em-up game Azure Reflections (rehost with permission by site-holder, original website is gone): Link

An in-depth review of the RPG/dungeon-crawled game Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time (rehost with permission by site-holder, original website is gone): Link

An analysis of the psychological effects of the hidden environmental puzzles in the puzzle game The Witness: Link

An analysis on the fundamental differences between Ico and its novelization: Link