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Needo Needs You!, an online-connected, time-limited visual novel (Unity): Play

Current Project: Super Tetricks Nova, a Tetris obstacle course game (Unity)

Your Mother Is Sick, a High Sun, Shallow Stream game (Twine, November 2020): Play

...Make Us, a High Sun, Shallow Stream story (Twine, July 2020): Play

PHN-HOME (horror game made in Unity, March 2020): Play Source Code

Just Tetris (a remake of Tetris in Unity, April 2019): Play Source Code

Please Love Me (narrative game made in Bitsy, August 2017): Play

A Time of Tungsten (interactive novella-length narrative game with full musical score and sound design made in Twine, placed 23rd in IFComp 2016 and winner of the Golden Banana of Discord, October 2016): Play Source Code

Screenplay-style three scene sample here: Link

Within (puzzle made made in C++/SDL, March 2015): Play

Misc Games Work

Story treatment to a narrative-based action-RPG, June 2020: Link

Microsoft David Reviews Final Fantasy VII Remake, May 2020: Video Script

Jackbox Writer Position Jokes Submissions, January 2020: Link 1 Link 2

Story treatment for a narrative-based detective game, January 2020 (unfinished second pass; first pass finished but very different): Link

Foundry - Asynchronous Capture the Flag Multiplayer First-Person Shooter Map Blockout (modeled in Maya, rendered in Unity) (slideshow, click side of image to transition), October 2019

Two Forks Lookout Blockout from Firewatch (slideshow, click side of image to transition), September 2019

Super Mario Maker 2 Level Design Commentary Playlist (4 videos), August 2019:

Narrative action-adventure game blockout; models developed in Maya, rendered in Unity, 2D layouts made in Photoshop (slideshow, click side of image to transition), August 2019:

Short story contribution to a Twine anthology game, May 2018 (Playable in a web browser): Play

You Just Might Feel Something, Twine, August 2017 (Playable in a web browser): Play

A digital museum, December 2016 (unfinished): Play

Game Screenshot Samples

Capture Sample 01: Link

Capture Sample 02: Link

Capture Sample 03: Link

Capture Sample 04: Link

Capture Sample 05: Link

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