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Creative Writing

Your Mother Is Sick, a High Sun, Shallow Stream game: Play

16-1, an experimental High Sun, Shallow Stream story: Link

These Deerhoof Tunnels, a High Sun, Shallow Stream novelette: Link

...Make Us, a High Sun, Shallow Stream story (Twine, 2020): Link

Subsurface Smoldering Event (novel, 2018): ManuscriptSynopsis

Short story contribution to a Twine anthology, May 2018: Link

You Just Might Feel Something, Twine, August 2017 (Playable in a web browser): Play

Equanimity (short story, 2016): Link

A Time of Tungsten (Twine, 2016): Link Screenplay Sample

Editorial Writing

On Outer Wilds (EGM): Link

On video game sound design (Splice): Link

On the Tetris Effect musical score (Splice): Link

On silence in games (Killscreen): Link

Volume review (Killscreen): Link

On Fez's black monolith puzzle (Killscreen): Link

On the novelization of Ico (VICE Games): Link

On the Castlevania TV series (Paste Magazine): Link

On the Wipeout Omega Collection (Heterotopias): Link

On the Bayonetta series (Heterotopias): Link

On The Witness (Heterotopias): Link

On NieR: Automata (Heterotopias): Link

On the Portal series (Heterotopias; article behind paywall): Link

On overlooked 2017 games: Link

On Shadow of the Colossus: Link

A review of Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time: Link

A review of Azure Reflections: Link

Overview of five games released August 2018: Link

Tutorial guide for Russian Subway Dogs: Link

On Noname's Room 25: Link

On Better Call Saul: Link

On Fortnite: Link

Preview of Wolfenstein 2: Link

Review of Wolfenstein 2: Link

On Disco Elysium: Link

Microsoft David Reviews Final Fantasy VII Remake, May 2020: Video Script

Technical Documentation

Sample 1: Link

Sample 2: Link

Sample 3: Link

Sample 4: Link

Sample 5: Link

Sample 6: Link

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