Devin Raposo's Editorial Work

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On video game sound design (Splice): Link

On the Tetris Effect musical score (Splice): Link

On silence in games (Killscreen): Link

Volume review (Killscreen): Link

On Fez's black monolith puzzle (Killscreen): Link

On the novelization of Ico (VICE Games): Link

On the Castlevania TV series (Paste Magazine): Link

On the tracks of the Wipeout Omega Collection (Heterotopias): Link

On the architecture of the Bayonetta series (Heterotopias): Link

On the effects of The Witness's hidden puzzles on the mind (Heterotopias): Link

On the artificial cityscapes of NieR: Automata (Heterotopias): Link

On the digital aging between Portal 1 and 2 (Heterotopias; paid): Link

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